Group Seminars

Application training is a process.

My clients are often surprised when application training lasts up to three months. Just quickly create a CV and possibly a cover letter. Then the application is finished. Unfortunately, these applications are unsuccessful.

What does a modern application look like today? There are trends not only in fashion, technology or in the choice of our food. The application is also changing. In the past, the personal audition with a handshake and a “You can start tomorrow” was common. Today, hundreds of applications lie on desks or take up storage space in e-mail inboxes. Find out more about modern application methods in my article.

The perfect application is basically only for you individually. Whether in individual coaching or in a group seminar. It’s always about the fundametal important 4 W questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I?
  • What I want?
  • What is possible?

What are the advantages of a group seminar?

A group seminar offers you the opportunity to receive suggestions from others for your application. Personal assessments, ideas and suggestions for improvement that you can include in your application.

Basically, each of us can also be an employer or HR manager. People like you and me are sitting behind the big desks. They have different ideas and tastes about how the profile and the application of the future employee should look like. This change of perspective in the employer position is particularly interesting and a great added value. You as the boss. You invest a lot of money to find good employees. What questions would you have for your applicant?

And that brings us to the topic: awkward questions in an interview, who doesn’t dread it? Sweating, trembling, a red face. You quickly want to forget this conversation and the motivation for further applications or job interviews is gone.

In the application training you can prevent this very unpleasant situation. Why is it called application training? You train yourself. You get to know yourself, position yourself and you can go to the interviews prepared. You have found answers to unpleasant questions that give you security and a good feeling, because you were given feedback from other participants in advance. Perhaps there is also a participant who has a similar course in life, i.e. CV, and takes away the feeling of being alone with this situation.

Presentation and communication training with the different characters of the group offer you a platform for constructive feedback.

Together to the goal

In a group, a group dynamic is automatically created that motivates and encourages. Participants support each other, wonderful! You are no longer alone in the boat, now others are rowing with you.

With a lot of humor and entertainment, we give the often unpleasant topic of applications a common thread that you can follow and internalize. You will always revise and change your application. Application training is an accompaniment to the creation of your application until you are happy to submit your perfect application. This is best done by email. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Three months doesn’t sound that long anymore, does it?

Write me your concerns, your questions and also fears via the contact form.

You can find what former participants say about my application training under feedback from coachees.

Current note: Due to the pandemic, no application training or group seminars are currently taking place. I would be happy to accompany and advise you in an individual coaching, which we implement by telephone and with the help of digital forms.