Individual Coaching

Let´s get together to your goal!

I would be happy to accompany you in a one-to-one coaching with an individual consultation through your application process. Guided by empathy, we recognize your wishes, needs, competencies and fears.

How do we proceed in individual coaching?

Write me your concerns, your questions, everything that moves and concerns you. Click here for the contact form. I will get in touch with you promptly.

Due to the current situation, a personal meeting is unfortunately not possible. I am happy to advise and support you by phone, email or video chat.

Steps in individual coaching

  • potential analysis
  • career orientation
  • strategy development
  • optimizing your application documents
  • optimizing your online appearance
  • active application phase
  • preparation for job interviews
  • evaluation of job offers
  • support in the negotiations
  • final decision making
  • completion and aftercare

Potential analysis

Behind this word are the questions: What can I do? Who am I? Your professional and personal skills will be determined. Qualifications such as school leaving certificates, training, studies and professional experience are to be found in the technical area. Determining your personal skills is often the most difficult part for the applicant. What defines you and your personality?

Career orientation

After we have successfully completed your potential analysis in individual coaching, we address the questions: What do I want and what is possible?

Strategy development

Which form of application is the right one for you and for the desired job? Are there sub-goals that must be achieved in advance? This could be training or further education, for example. In individual coaching we create a plan which will bring you closer to your goal.

Optimizing the application documents

With the knowledge we have gained about you, we optimize your application documents, find solutions to the gaps in your CV and decide which certificates belong in your application. Every job involves different application methods, and the applicant also prefers one or more application forms. I will inform you about modern application methods and give you tips and suggestions to find yourself in your perfect job application.

Optimization of your online appearance

During the application phase, it is important not only to present yourself properly on paper. Social media portals and business platforms are also good places to look for a job. Maybe you are self-employed and have a website that describes you and your skills.

Active application phase

How do I send my application by email? There are a few things to keep in mind. You can find a little guide in my article “15 steps for email application“.

Preparation for job interviews

Together we go through possible questions in the interview. We formulate answers and deal intensively with uncomfortable questions. We can discuss and test the choice of outfit and etiquette rules or the technical equipment in the individual coaching.

Evaluation of job offers

Every job interview is a step closer to your practice goal. How did it go? Were you satisfied with your answers and questions? Did you really want this job? Did you feel good? Did you like the people you spoke to? Eventually you will develop a gut feeling that we are talking about. Your mind will logically approach the merits and demerits of the job being offered. What’s your gut feeling saying? What might be missing to bring this job closer to your ideal? How do you go into further negotiations and where exactly do you position yourself? We will emphasize and formulate this together.

Support in the negotiations

Some people can, others are “too modest” to position themselves confidently and enter into negotiations. It’s about your salary and other bonuses. Is there further training, extra pay for weekend or night shifts, holidays or holiday pay, a company car or a ticket for public transport? There are many different offers, or none at all. What is common in the industry? What is appropriate? Are there tariffs or laws? What is important to you personally? How do I formulate my wishes?

Final decision making

You have decided on a job and feel comfortable with your decision. Congratulations! We have successfully completed the coaching process.

There may be one or more job offers that you may or may not want to choose. How do you feel? What is holding you back or what confuses you? Wasn’t the right job there? Do you have any questions about labor law? As they say? Read first, then sign.

Completion and aftercare

In a final meeting, we go through all of the previously set goals and evaluate the strategy. The conclusion of the individual coaching offers space for open questions and assistance. I’m always happy about feedback on what I can improve and a little report after a while about what has become of the job and you.

JMS Coach – your application coach!

Let’s define and achieve goals together! I look forward to your message and to getting to know you!